Snow Day Cooking


I tend to cook many things on a snow day and always a challah bread.  I have a favorite recipe and this time I tried to make one version with 1 part whole wheat flour.  It didn’t rise as well as the AP flour version but it was still delicious.  These are the things I made today.  They are all healthy and all delicious.

Challah – I was not influenced by the name but I love to read reviews of all the recipes I try and this one had outstanding reviews AND seemed pretty simple.  In terms of braiding I did two versions, one with six strands and one with three.  Unless you are looking to really impress, just do the three strand.  All techniques can be found on google or you tube.  –

Butternut Squash Soup – I have made A LOT of squash soups.  What I (and Izzy) liked about this one was its simplicity.  I cut up the squash and roasted it and I added a bit more broth.  I also topped with extra nutmeg and toasted pumpkin seed.  It is especially good with homemade challah. –

Ground Turkey Brussels Sprout Skillet – Marc didn’t want JUST soup so I whipped this up.  He loved it!  He even requested it be in the rotation.  It could not have been easier.  Cut the chili powder and play with the spices for a more kid friendly flavor. –


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