Thanksgiving At My House

We go all out for Thanksgiving regardless of whether we have 7 or 17 people.  Here are a few of my favorite things that I make year after year.  I should also mention that I always cook my turkey upside down to ensure that the breasts are very juicy.  I flip it about 3/4 of…

Lazy Tuesday Meal

I just got back from checking in at GroundSea Fitness in the Berkshires and needed to make dinner with things I had in the house.  For the kids and Marc I made a healthy version of Chicken in Lettuce Cups.  For myself I combined a couple recipes to make a Baked Stuffed Sweet Potato.  Check…

Dinner with Izzy

This was my attempt to introduce my daughter to clean eating.

Cooking Class

An attempt at a cooking class that barely ended up cooking anything….